Trusted by real women everywhere to deliver true comfort through innovation, experience and unbridled passion for over 70 years

Since 1945, we at Exquisite Form® have made it our mission to design for you, the real woman who comes in all shapes and sizes, tailor-made solutions that offer true comfort and support. It’s been our deep belief that when we provide that, we empower women to confidently go out and do all the amazing things they do every single day.

We’ve understood for a long time that full-figure women "need a fuller bra… not a bigger bra." That’s why we’ve fashioned our Fully® bras to have targeted innovative features, like Powernet Support Frames, Extra Support Undercups and Stretch Sides, all designed to ensure slimming, shaping, posture support and an overall fuller fit.

So go ahead, be comfortable and free all day long. You deserve it. What‘s more, you can be confident when you purchase one of our bras, because after all…

"In every Exquisite Form® stitch, there is a promise of fit, durability, and quality. A promise we keep every day."